I learned about Quilting by reading books and magazines.

When I was young I was very frustrated and was having problems with sewing.  I am now much more patient and take the time to learn.  Learning to quilt takes time and patience.  I want to learn more, so far I have had pretty good success.  Having learned on my own I think I have done pretty well.

Recently I have been making greeting cards and other paper crafts. Now I am getting into quilting and sewing, having bought a new Singer sewing machine. I have been learning these hobbies myself, with help from books, Youtube and other sources.

I am experienced in crochet, knitting and tatting. I have been involved in crochet and tatting since 1998 but have pretty much retired from these crafts now.

I learned to crochet when I was a little girl, but I didn't become really interested in it until I grew up.  My grandmother crocheted, as did her mother.  My grandmother showed me how to crochet, but she didn't explain it to me because I am deaf and she did not know sign language.  I paid attention to her as she crocheted.

When I first learned about Needle Tatting, I found it easier than Shuttle Tatting.

I learned about knitting by reading books about it. Before I was very frustrated about knitting but now I better understand how to knit with needles. Since I had no one to teach me I had to learn on my own.

I enjoyed making crafts projects at home and while traveling. I learned crafting from books and magazines.

I also take good care of my husband and our home. I spend a lot of time working (playing) with my iMac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. I work on my web pages and help my hubby with his.

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