the clevengers and stiltners

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Cascade Mountain Clan


by: Woodrow R. Clevenger

The Clevenger name and its variant spelling, Clevinger, started with the Colonial immigrants from the British Isles to New York and Monmouth County, New Jersey about 1650.  They were George Clevenger from England recorded as a resident of New York in 1650 and John Clevenger from Wales, recorded as a farm settler at Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey, between 1650 and 1700.  During 1790-1860 some of this clan settled in the southern Appalachian Mountains in the counties of Tazewell and Buchanan in Virginia and Pike County in Kentucky. Between 1700 and 1930 many families moved by train to south western Washington and northwestern Oregon, concentrating mainly in the Cascade Mountains of eastern Lewis County, Washington.

The family of Clevenger originated in Europe in Medieval times before 1000 A.D.  This name came into usage as Clavinger or as Claviger in the French language, and was brought to England with the Norman Conquest of Britain after 1100.  It was an official name given by Normans to an occupation- one who keeps the keys to an official place.  The name was derived from two Latin roots: clavis a key and gerer to carry.  From 1100 to 1500 the name became anglicized to Clevenger.  As an English and Welch surname, Clevenger, even today is not uncommon in the British Isles.

The earliest Clevengers of record in the American colonies were George Clevenger and two sons, George and John.  George immigrated from Wales to Yonkers and Westchester, New York, about 1650, and married Sarah Hadden. Their son, John became a farmer at Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey, just before 1700.  Here John raised a family that became a major root of all the Clevinger families of America.

In 1667,  John married Ruth Hyatt, Richard Clevenger, possibly a son, was born in 1668, Richard married Rachel Homes about 1690.

The marriages of John Clevenger’s grandchildren, who were living in New Jersey just before the Revolution produced a generation of Clevengers who were to move out of New Jersey into Pennsylvania and Virginia.  Some of these unions were:

Mary Clevenger married Thomas Hawkins in 1728.

Hannah Clevenger married William Dackworth in 1731.

Catherine Clevenger married Charles Miller in 1732.

George Clevenger married Deliverance Horner in 1737.

John Clevenger married Hannah Baker in 1742.

Abraham Clevenger married Jane Platt in 1742.

Margaret Clevenger married Thomas Assen in 1750.

William Clevenger married Mary Assen in 1750.

John Clevenger married Mary Horner in 1760.

Abraham Clevenger married Mary Pittman in 1760.

Job Clevenger married Margaret Brown in 1772.

Zachariah Clevenger married Mary Caskell in 1778.

*John Henry Clevenger, son of the above John and Hannah Baker moved to Shenandoah Valley of Northern Virginia about 1770.  His brother, Asa Clevenger, also moved to this Blue Ridge Mountain region of Virginia from New Jersey.  Some other New Jersey Clevengers who migrated to Virginia were Job and Thomas.  Many Clevengers lived in the areas of Winchester, Frederich County, Virginia and Front Royal, Shenandoah County, Virginia.

Three sons of Joseph Henry Clevenger in Shenandoah Valley advanced into the mountains of Virginia and Ohio Valley after 1800.  The eldest, John Clevenger, born 1775, moved to Tazewell County about 1800 and he is one of the important ancestors of the mountain Clevengers of Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky.

*John Clevenger was born about 1800 in the Grundy area.  It is difficult to trace his ancestry from records and memories as nearly every large Clevenger family had sons named John.  A genealogical record of this John Clevenger’s family was generally compiled from some memoirs and old Baptist church records collected by Burton Stiltner of Kelso, Washington.

About 1816, John Clevenger married Polly Stiltner in Buchanan County (then part of Tazewell County).  Polly Stiltner was the daughter of Frederick Charles Stiltner.  They later moved to what is now Webster County, West Virginia where they raised 11 sons and 1 daughter.

Their youngest son, Joseph C. Clevenger was to move with a large family to Lewis County, Washington in 1910 and many of their grandchildren from the sons of Levi and Lewis immigrated to Washington after 1905.

To the union of John Clevenger and Polly Stiltner were born the following in Virginia and West Virginia.

Hemp Clevenger – 1818 – Buchanan County

Levi Clevenger – 1819 – Buchanan County

Fred Clevenger – 1822 – Buchanan County

James Clevenger – 1825 – Buchanan County

John Clevenger, Jr. – 1835 – Buchanan County*

Lewis Clevenger – 1839 – Webster County, W. Virginia

Robert Clevenger – 1840 – Webster County

Dow Clevenger – 1840 – Webster County

Joseph C. Clevenger – 1857 – Webster County

*John Clevenger, Jr. married Marilda “Sue” Stiltner.  They were the parents of the following:

John Henry Clevenger

Columbus “Lum” Clevenger

Sylvester “Syl” Clevenger

Polly Ann Clevenger

Pharoah Clevenger – born 3-22-1882 passed away 2-17-72

John Henry Clevenger married Alice Adams, on of their children was Clary who married Rudolph Sifers and they were the parents of Jack, Ival, Effie, Orville, Jimmy, Al, Raymond and Homer.

Pharaoh Clevinger married (1) Melissa Lee July 17, 1903, (2)* Margaret Bartley Feb. 10, 1911 and (3) Elizabeth “Lizzie” Willis July 18, 1917.

Pharaoh and Melissa had one son, Dennis Clevinger born Nov. 4, 1906, who married Doris Potter.

They had two sons, Curtis and Freddie.  Dennis died in 1990.

Pharaoh then married Margaret Bartley and one daughter, Alpha Clevinger born November 30, 1911.

Pharaoh then married “Lizzie” and had two children, Coy and Vonda.  Vonda married Ervin Matney and had two sons, Jackie Cline and Paul David.  Jackie married _________ and have a son Jackie.  Paul married Brenda ________.  Divorced, and have one daughter.  Coy married Grace _________.  They have two sons, Gary and Norman and a daughter _________.

Alpha Clevinger married Aldon Wright April 17, 1927.  Alpha passed away March 28, 1985.  Aldon passed away March 2, 2001.

Their children:

Lawrence, born February 21, 1928.

Nettie Mae, born November 14, 1929.

Richard Arlen (died in infancy)

Dick Hatton, born April 3, 1933.  Passed away October 24, 2005.

Clifford Ray, born February 20, 1935.  Passed away November 20, 2005.

Earl, born July 2, 1940.

Mary Lee, born October 13, 1942.

Thomas Edward, born September 28, 1944.  Passed away October 24, 2014.

Lawrence married Lucille Irene Kraber December 22, 1950. Lucille passed away March 8, 2009.

Their children:

Michael Wayne, born November 16, 1951.

Randall Lee, born June 24, 1955.  Passed away June 1, 2003.

Thomas Earl, born July 10, 1962.  Passed away January 8, 1997.

Michael Wayne married Charlina Sue Partain. Divorced. Has two sons, Patrick Michael, born December 7, 1974 and Randall Benton born June 8, 1978.  Patrick married, has twin daughters.

Randal Lee married Christy Susan Bell.  They have three daughters, Tara Michelle born March 12, 1979.  Megan April born April 4, 1982 and Brittany Noel born December 8, 1984.

The* denotes the linage through Pharaoh Clevinger.

Nettie Mae married Willie “Bill” Mooney May 17, 1946 in Pikeville, Ky.  Bill passed away November 16, 1999.

Their children:

Rosie Lee, born January 15, 1947

Kay Francis, born December 10, 1953

James Earl, born March 16, 1957

Patricia Ann, born September 29, 1959

Willie, Jr., born June 20, 1962

Rosie married Neal Choiniere November 19, 1966 in California. Has three sons, Eric, born January 14, 1968. Aaron Neal, born May 12, 1977.  Patrick Arthur, born June 5, 1972.

Eric married Donelle Holland February 14, 1987. Has a daughter, Brittany, born September 9, 1986 and a son Connor, born June 12, 1998.

Aaron not married. Has a daughter, Mckenzie Raeline May, born July 27, 1996.

Patrick married Melanie ______. Divorced. Has a son, Patrick, Jr. born March 29, 1991 and a daughter, Erika, born March 14, 1994 and a son, Nicholas born July 18, 2004.

Kay married Austin Plueard. Divorced. Has a son John Austin, born August 13, 1971 and a daughter, Sandra Kay born February 9, 1973. Married Tom Garwood. Divorced. Has a son, William born January 1, 1980.

John Austin married Michelle ______. Has three sons, Michael born December 18, 1992, Shaun born October 23, 1997 and Nicholas born February 26, 1999.

Sandra married Mike Bennett. Divorced. Has a son. Luke born May 8, 1990 and a daughter, Kaylee Rose born February 14, 1992.  Married Tony Lyndsey has too daughters, Krya born February 13, 1998 and Kiera born April 21, 1999.

William married Jennifer ______. Has three sons, Bailey Thomas born September 25, 1998, Evert William born November 9, 2002 and Aiden Lawrence born August 17, 2006.

James divorced. Has a daughter, Jill Norton, born July 8, 1981.

Patricia not married.

Willie married Karen _______. July 23, 1997. Divorced. No children. Married Anne Driscoll January 26, 2008. No children.

Dick Hatton married Virgie Mandy Sanders March 5, 1952 in Clintwood, Virginia. Virgie passed away May 10, 2008.

Their children:

Dickie Blair, born April 12, 1953

Donnie Gene, born December 22, 1954

Melissa Gaye, born August 3, 1956

Terry Dean, born July 12, 1959

Dickie married Jackie Cox. Divorced. Has a son Casey, born January 27, 1980 and a daughter, Victoria, born September 9, 1985.

Casey married Rebecca Ping June 19, 2004 and have a daughter, Alexia, born April 29, 2005.

Donnie married Renee Schieferstin March 15, 1986 and have a daughter, Lindsay born September 10 1991.

Melissa married Rick Boettger September 9, 1978. Has two sons, Michael born September 17, 1981 and Kyle born December 20, 1983.

Terry married Cindy Dixon March 21, 1981. Has a son, Peter Dean born July 24, 1985 and a daughter, Kimberly Ann born May 19, 1987.

Clifford married Ann Ramey September 9, 1955. Ann passed away August 19, 1995.  Married Deborah Casey_____.

Their children:

Michael Clifton, born January 3, 1957

Rexanna, born January 26, 1958

Joe Fitzgerald, born January 19, 1962

Michael married Gerlinde______. Divorced. No children

Rexanna married Andrew E. Gloeckle, Jr.  Divorced. Has a son, Andrew Gloeckle, III, legally changed his name to Ed, born August 27, 1981. Married Richard A.I. Carlson April 22, 1995 in Las Vegas. No children.

Joe married Eileen Hill. Has a son Christian born February 5, 1993.

Earl married July G. Johnson.

Their children:

Angela Gayle, born June 22, 1973. Not married.

Mary Lee married James Anthony Davis October 16, 1962 in Springfield, Oregon.

Their children:

James Anthony Davis, Jr., born February 9, 1964

Ryan Lee, born October 30, 1965

James Anthony married Beth Lopez December 20, 1986. Divorced March 21, 1998. Has two sons, Preston Anthony born August 3, 1987 and Blake Christian born December 22, 1988.  Married Paula Yoder August 13, 2005 and she has two daughters Jessica born January 3, 1991, and Amber born April 9, 1997.

Ryan Lee married Melissa Lee Gulley August 19, 1988 in Austin, Texas. Has a daughter Gabrielle Elizabeth born May 24, 1995 and a son Justin Edward born December 13, 1996.

Thomas Edward married Janice Ramey March 28, 1964.

Their children:

Robin Lynn, born February 18, 1965

Debbie, born July 25, 1970

Rebecca, born August 13, 1975

Robin Lynn married Thomas Sneed. Has two daughters, Alexandria Lynn born February 10, 1994. Madeline Grace born March 11, 1998 and a son, Wesley Thomas born January 13, 2000.

Debbie married Randy Roop. Has a son Evan Sterling born June 20, 1999, and a daughter Lydia born January 5, 2005, and a son Owen born May 16, 2007.

Rebecca married Robert James Reiter. No children.

Alpha Clevinger-Wright