I am a deaf woman with a very nice husband. I am homemaker and he is a retired police supervisor and 9-1-1 Director. I am retired from the Federal Aviation Administration.  I worked in the Airspace Obstructions office in the AirTraffic Division, Great Lakes Region.

I started making web pages when I was helping my husband work on his page. Most of my computer skills were learned by experience. I worked on his photographs, the page layout, and making backgrounds and wallpapers. We travel around the country chasing trains, investigating highway routings, going to antique stores, and taking photos of weird stuff.

I also enjoy reading and learning about computers. We have both Macs and Windows PC's. Our latest Macs have Intel chips and can also run Windows. We use a flatbed scanner and digital cameras.

When I worked at the mortgage department at the bank I used a old IBM computer printing mortgage contracts. This was about 1979 or 1980.

My husband taught me how to use a Macintosh in 1994, it was very easy to learn. No classes or anything, it just took a day or so. Macs are great! Windows are not!

We browse the Web a lot. I look for new graphics to use on our pages, new web page ideas, and info for both our pages. I look for crafting sites, new and used books and other stuff. We correspond with a lot of people via e-Mail.

I was born in Pikeville KY, and grew up in Elkhorn City. We lived in a holler called Beaver Creek, on the Right Fork, near to where country singer Patty Loveless grew up.




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